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Brand identity is the identity of the brand which is the synthesis of many elements that compose it and identify it in what the company (or organization, association) wants to communicate to its public.   The trademark is that graphic sign which distinguishes a company's products or services from those of its competitors.
The word "Brand" probably comes from the branding that was applied to horses and bulls which in 19th century America defined membership of the relative stables.
To be distinctive, a brand must be designed with care and analysis.
A combination of one or more of these elements can be used to create Brand Identity.
The meaning of brand is «everything that a product or service represents for consumers», as stated by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong in the book “Principles of Marketing”, adding that this is «the most durable resource of the company, which lives longer of individual products and structures for a long time».
Attention to detail and constant attention to design trends make Studio Graphica's style its true strengths. Innovation and tradition.
A strong and successful brand is built through a long process, which is why it is essential and necessary to dedicate thought, strategy, resources and energy.
The brand / trademark is a fundamental asset of your company.

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